Company Policy

Masafat’s Policy on Health and safety, Environment and Quality System

Masafat for Specialized Transport Company has a distinguished approach towards service provisions in a way that ensures the fulfillment of clients’ needs.  We seek to be the company that employees, clients and society accredit as a company responsible for providing services and works in a manner that protects the environment and offers a safe working environment for its employees.  Our management is committed to health and safety, environment, and quality, as it undertakes programs that are focused on our commitment to continue improvements and advancements as follows:


Safety is everyone’s duty, and it involves the clients and contractors we work with.  The main factors guaranteeing a high level of safety during operations are:

Specialized Transport Services

Masafat for Specialized Transport Company is committed to provide road transport services using the best means and focusing on preventing accidents related to road transport of materials.  Drivers’ performance and conduct are meticulously monitored to ensure full compliance with our rules of vehicle driving.


Environmental impact assessments are performed for our operations, and measures to be implemented to alleviate potential impacts.  Our initiatives are focused on alleviating the negative effects of all our work on the environment by reducing vehicle emissions and preventing road spills.