About Us

Company Background

Masafat was established in 2006 as a public shareholding company focused on specialized transportation in Jordan.

For the year ended Dec-2014, Masafat’s total sales in 2014 were over JOD 19 million and a total capital of JOD 18.5 million (~ USD 26 million)…read more

Vision,Mission & Core Values


أن نكون الخيار الأول لزبائننا في مجال النقل البري المتخصص، لالتزامنا بتطبيق معايير جودة الأداء والحفاظ على البيئة والسلامة العامة

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Company Policy

Masafat for Specialized Transport Company has a distinguished approach towards service provisions in a way that ensures the fulfillment of clients’ needs. …read more