Diesel Delivery Service
Masafat provides a diesel delivery service to homes, companies, hotels and any customer who needs it. Call: 0791995454 read more
Fuel Tankers
Bringing in the highest safety and quality standards, our fuel tanker fleet utilizes ADR standards used in the EU for the transport of flammable materials. Masafat’s tanker fleet serves the transport of fuel, oil products and liquid gas. read more
Concrete Mixers
The company’s concrete mixers serve ready-mix concrete plants and companies, transporting their finished products from batch plants to projects around the Kingdom. read more
We serve your needs for the transport of physical goods and bagged cement within Jordan and abroad through our fleet of flatbeds. We are capable of transporting imported goods and various materials from customs clearance distribution points in record times. read more
Trash Compactors
As a service to factories, hotels, hospitals, large corporations and complexes, Masafat offers mobile trash compactors to accelerate and easy the trash collection process, transporting it to the appropriate yards. read more
Dump Trucks
Masafat’s dump truck fleet is especially fit to transport raw and natural materials, in addition to dry bulk, such as gravel, sand and soil from crushing quarries to various mixing and production sites. read more
Serving the country’s local and export needs, Masafat has enabled a large fleet of silos dedicated to the transport of bulk cement from production sites across the Kingdom to concrete and block manufacturing plants and workshops, in addition to export ports. read more



Masafat is an integrated transportation and logistics company, whose large fleet of trucks enables us to promptly receive raw material for ready-mix concrete, while their transit mixers deliver ready-mix concrete to our customers. read more